Site Evaluation, Investigation and layout – With a licensed commercial Pa real estate broker on site we at Mar-Paul are accustomed to working with our clients early on in the process.  We offer site selection, site evaluation of existing conditions, we can assist with zoning requirements, code compliance and budgetary construction figures to assist in financing the project.

Concept to Preliminary Design – Mar-Paul Construction has a team on hand to assist our clients in assessing needs, creating master plans, preliminary designs and formulating a budget for a particular project.  Most often when a client needs to work within a budgeted number, we have our estimators and draftsman work together to come up with a design that satisfies both function and budget.

Value Engineering, also known as value management, is a systematic method to improve the “value” of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost.  Our experienced team has the knowledge to analyze a project and make value added suggestions.

Estimating – Mar-Paul Construction estimating department closely works with project owners and architects to provide them with costs that they can rely on.  We strive to continually offer value added serves by thoroughly analyze the project at hand and point out pricing alternatives and value added engineering ideas.



General Construction – A client hires and Architect to design their new facility.  The owner and architect will then select a contractor to work together in completing their project.  This is the traditional way Mar-Paul operates.  We then, provide our clients with skilled and experienced project managers and a superintendent to orchestrate the construction project.  We have the ability to self-perform many of our phases of construction while overseeing the other phases that sub-contractors perform.  We continually work with the architect and owners and offer value added recommendations and cost saving ideas.

Construction Management – Mar-Paul Construction will serve as a Construction Manager after a client has hired an architect during the preliminary design phase of the project.  The client, with the help of the architect will partner with a firm such as ours to help manage the construction process.  Initially we will act as an additional consultant to the owner during the design phase, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase.  Typically Construction Management is beneficial for higher dollar and tight scheduled projects.



Job Completion – The goal of our construction effort is the delivery of a problem-free building.  We take responsibility for what we build. We give our clients a complete and fully operational project, the knowledge to use and maintain it, and the assurance that we are available to help resolve issues should they occur.  At building turnover, we provide our clients with operations and maintenance manuals as well as on-site training for staff and management when need be.

Property Management – Mar-Paul Construction offers property management services that are all inclusive.  We provide maintenance/facilities management, asset management, marketing, leasing, acquisition and disposition of your property.